Clay samples are very much in demand from CSSJ members. In response to this demand, the CSSJ distributes clay mineral samples used as standard samples in research activities (CSSJ Reference Clay Samples). We have the following samples, prepared with the help of supporting members.

Name Major clay mineral (Origin) Member price
Non-member price
JCSS-3101b Montmorillonite (Tsukinuno) 5,000/3,000 8,000
JCSS-3102 Montmorillonite (Mikawa) 4,500/2,500 7,500
JCSS-3501 Synthetic saponite (Kunimine Industries Co., Ltd.) 6,000/4,000 9,000
JCSS-2101 Pyrophyllite (Shokozan) 6,000/4,000 9,000
JCSS-1301 Dickite (Shokozan) 6,000/4,000 9,000
JCSS-1101c Kaolinite (Kanpaku) 7,000/5,000 10,000
JCSS-5501 Hydrobiotite (South Africa) 6,000/4,000 9,000

* Additional shipping and handling charges are required.
* Credit card payment is recommended. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the sender will be responsible for all additional fees related to the remittance.
Price A: Price for the first 100 g
Price B: Price for each additional 100 g (up to 500 g)
We only provide 100 g to non-members, and in principle we do not respond to additional requests.
To purchase samples, please inform us the name of the sample, the quantity you want, and the shipping address. Fill out the purchase application form and send it to the Reference Clay Sample Committee.

Purchase application form

Reference Clay Sample Committee
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Research Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment
1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8561 Japan
E-mail: kazuya.morimoto[at] (Please change [at] to @.)